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Welcome to Social Pharmacy Department of National University of Pharmacy

The Social Pharmacy Department was set up in July 1st, 2011 in order to enhance quality of students training in qualification level ‘Bachelor’, ‘Specialist’, ‘Master’ (The NUPh Rector’s Order of May 5th, 2011 No. 260)

Since the foundation and until 2015 Alla Kotvitska, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Rector of NUPh was Head of Social Pharmacy Department.

Inna Kubarieva, Ph.D., the associate professor was Head of Social Pharmacy Department in the period of 2015-2019.

Alina Volkova, Ph.D., the associate professor has been Head of Social Pharmacy Department since 2019.

Staff of Social Pharmacy Department, 2019

Staff of Social Pharmacy Department, 2019

Department staff includes a Doctor of Pharmacy, 15 Ph.D. (Pharmacy), 2 Ph.D. (Law), a Ph.D. (Social Science), a Ph.D. (Social Communications), a Ph.D. (History) among them 14 Associate professors and 10 Assistant professors, and also 3 senior laboratory assistants.

During the 8 years of existence of the Department, we developed and published: the National textbook «Fundamentals of Law and Legislation in pharmacy»; 12 manuals: «History of Medicine and Pharmacy» (in Ukrainian and Russian language), «Extreme Medicine» (in Ukrainian and Russian language), «Pharmaceutical Law in schemes and tables», «Pharmaceutical Law and Legislation» (in Russian and English language); «Marketing Service», «Legal and Ethical Activity in the Direction», «Sociology of Organization and Modern Economic Theory», «Military Training (organization of medical support for the population and troops): in questions and answers» (in Ukrainian language). More than 60 guidances and workbooks for workshops and seminars.

According to the Department’s Curriculum, the following courses are taught:

Academic Integrity

Introduction to the Specialty

Pharmaceutical Law and Legislation

Organization and Economics of Pharmacy

Social Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management

Social Economy in Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Information

Medical Law, Professional Ethics and Deontology

Basics of Constitutional Law

Jurisprudence and Medical Law

Social Economy

Pharmaceutical Social Management

Sociology of Organization and Modern Economic Theory


Research works are aimed at enhancing pharmaceutical care for a population with regard to socio-economic factors and carried out in such areas as: verification and improvement of socially effective mechanisms for ensuring the availability of pharmaceutical care, including the organization of a reimbursement system for the cost of medicines, the organization and provision of palliative and hospice care; legal regulation of medicines circulation, harmonization of domestic legislation in accordance with EU requirements; pharmacoeconomic and socio-economic studies of the use of medicines.


A Doctorate thesis and 8 Ph.D. theses were completed and defended at the Department of Social Pharmacy between 2011 and 2019 and currently, 4 doctorate and 9 Ph.D. theses are in progress.


The scientific and professional journal “Social Pharmacy in Health Care” was created in 2015, which is included in the “List of Scientific Professional Publications” (2016) and assigned category “B” (2019).