Scientific directions, implementation of developments


The scientific work of the department of social pharmacy is carried out in the general direction: “Organization of pharmaceutical business, management and marketing in pharmacy”.

The scientific researches of the department are aimed at enhancing pharmaceutical care for a population with regard to socio-economic factors and carried out in such areas as:

  • Social pharmacy: its role and place in modern education and science
  • Social Medicine and Social Pharmacy – interconnection of disciplines
  • Human – society – medicines – pharmaceutical care – spheres of interaction
  • Social and effective mechanisms of ensuring of availability of the pharmaceutical care for the population
  • Law and the legislation in pharmacy
  • Social Management in the pharmaceutical sector of healthcare
  • Moral and ethical principles of pharmaceutical activity
  • Social tendencies of marketing in pharmacy
  • Modern issues of palliative and hospice care
  • Pharmacoeconomic analysis of treatment regimens of socially significant diseases
  • Problems of the organization of pharmaceutical provision of rural population
  • Social responsibility of business in pharmacy
  • Historical aspects of medicine and pharmacy
  • Organization of the pharmaceutical care in conditions of emergency situations
  • Social and psychological aspects of pharmaceutical activity
  • Pharmaceutical information – the current state of information support of pharmaceutical activity

The results of scientific research have been published in more than 500 scientific studies, including articles in specialized foreign and domestic publications, journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science databases, specialized domestic publications, abstracts at scientific conferences, scientific and methodological recommendations, and informational letters.

The staff of the Department received 10 certificates of copyright registration for the work.

Scientific recommendations and information letters developed by the staff of the Department are implemented in the practical work of leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine and the educational process of higher education institutions.

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